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The Veiled Flame is a Twitch streamer always looking to play the newest exciting games. Single player story-driven games are the main focus of the stream, as well as the occasional competitive shooter. He's dedicated to providing an honest opinion about the games he plays, and the PC equipment he uses on a daily basis. Veiled also enjoys creating reviews to provide his viewers with insight of peripherals, hardware, and video games that might be worth using or playing.

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The Corruption Spreads


Tuesday, Nov 14

Alan Wake II

12 AM - 3 AM UTC

Wednesday, Nov 15

Alan Wake II

12 AM - 3 AM UTC

Tuesday, Nov 21

Alan Wake II

12 AM - 3 AM UTC

Wednesday, Nov 22

Alan Wake II

12 AM - 3 AM UTC

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Lies of P


Lies of P is an exciting and innovative addition to the action RPG genre, scoring a solid 8 out of 10 on my personal scale. The game boasts a remarkable blend of gameplay elements, offering an experience that seamlessly combines the best aspects of FromSoftware's previous titles while introducing…


Horizon: Zero Dawn


System Protocol: Horizon If you’re looking for something atmospheric with an absolutely insane story look no further. You’ve stumbled across one of the most interesting and complex stories — in a game — of our time. Horizon: Zero Dawn is an elegant mix of futuristic machinery and humanity’s past…


Finalmouse Ultralight 2


Lighter is Better Finalmouse is renowned for making innovative, high quality mice and this one is no different. The Ultralight 2 or the ‘Cape Town’ as it was nicknamed, is a mouse with a couple of cautionary tales that we’ll discuss below. Currently this is their lightest and smallest mouse to date…

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