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The Ashen One Rises Once Again

The Veiled Flame is a streamer dedicated to playing competitive shooters. He's a former Top 500 Overwatch player, that was semi-pro. Now he streams story-driven games, waiting for the next decent competitive shooter to release.

Currently unable to stream due to internet issues. Projected return date is now August 2022. Unfortunately the ISP keeps delaying the fibre install date.

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Finalmouse Ultralight 2

Finalmouse Ultralight 2


Lighter is Better Finalmouse is renowned for making innovative, high quality mice and this one is no different. The Ultralight 2 or the ‘Cape Town’ as it was nicknamed, is a mouse with a couple of cautionary tales that we’ll discuss below. Currently this is their lightest and smallest mouse to date…


Razer Orochi V2


A Mouse Truly for Gamers The Razer Orochi v2 is probably an unexpected candidate for the title of 'best gaming mouse', especially with the track record Razer has. Usually their products aren't high quality, and they've cetainly have had a plethora of issues with their wireless technology in the past…


Horizon: Zero Dawn


System Protocol: Horizon If you’re looking for something atmospheric with an absolutely insane story look no further. You’ve stumbled across one of the most interesting and complex stories — in a game — of our time. Horizon: Zero Dawn is an elegant mix of futuristic machinery and humanity’s past…

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